Noise Ratchet

Noise Ratchet

Till We Have Faces

The Militia Group

Noise Ratchet have only been around for three years, but have already managed to cause quite a stir with an independent full-length release plus performances on a series of compilation albums. A punk band of sorts, in approach and directness, they sound like the panoramic Elliott on a few tracks here, notably on songs like “Vanity” and “Wardrobe,” and much due to the likeness in vocal jobs between the bands. At other times, however, they approach the modern rock sound of fellow Christians P.O.D., so surely there must be a serious case of multiple personalities at work here? In fact, it all sounds surprisingly cohesive, even though the quality of the songwriting is a bit uneven. Sometimes good — as on the opening “Permanent Solution” and the aforementioned “Vanity” — but at other times, bland and tedious — “Disappear” and “My Day” being rather convincing cases in point. Noise Ratchet have some things going for them, but leave a bit to be desired in the originality department.

The Militia Group:

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