Nuspirit Helsinki

Nuspirit Helsinki

Nuspirit Helsinki


Nuspirit Helsinki (or Nu Sound Collective Helsinki) started back in ’98 with the humble mission of mixing African-American, African, and Latin-flavored music into a powerful elixir that could be enjoyed in clubs as well as homes. Though this Finnish collective has a core of five members (Thomas K, Ender, DJ Lil’ Tony, Kasio, and Eppu), they have gathered around them an army of musicians, DJs, and producers to give us their soulful sound.

So, what exactly is the Helsinki Sound? Well, it’s that deep and juicy soul sound that has seemed to caught hold of groups like Zero 7, 4 Hero, and Crazy Penis. It’s luscious and smoky with chill-out hip-hop and other dance sensibilities. There are Hammonds and Rhodeses, flugelhorns and vocoders. It’s an amazing synthesis of jazzy soul, soulful jazz, and soul’s past and future. This is actually a very slick album that deserves everyone’s attention. The group has not only produced this album for Guidance but has also released tracks for Ubiquity and Compost. If you know anything about those labels, you know what kind of quality they represent. Nuspirit Helsinki belongs comfortably within all of those amazing broods.

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