Producer 02

Good Looking

PFM (or Mike Bolton) has been with Bukem nearly since the beginning, one of the founding studs in Good Looking’s impressive stable. This horse has run long, has run strong, and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. This second installment of the Producer series clears the path of appreciation for Bolton, and the man shines. It, of course, is a Best of, showing the “logical progression” of the artist who has given us “The Western,” while also offering up some new remixes. This is the progressive sound at its best, with its vertebrae-snapping breaks and dreamy synth effects. Within each nine-minute tome, PFM gives his bipolar touch, coaxing us into a dreamlike state only to snatch us onto the dancefloor, yo-yoing us back and forth until we’re confused into a hypnotic state that leaves us speaking in tongues at a revival meeting. It’s a gloriously quixotic dance ride that is made truly unforgettable with the remix of the classic, “One & Only” — a mesmerizing song with dubbish bass, soulful horn snatches, and a gloriously erotic vocal hook. This disc will leave you foaming at the mouth for more.

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