Rose Falcon

Rose Falcon



These days you can’t turn around without risking bumping into some teen prodigy singer-songwriter, and what do you know, here comes another one. Rose Falcon is seventeen, has a confident, strong voice, and writes her own songs, with some input from her father Billy. It’s all a bit annoying, isn’t it?

In essence, this is lightweight pop with style and class — a tad uneven, as you’d expect, but still remarkably solid for an early debut. Kick-off track “Fun” is laid-back summer pop brilliance, slightly reminding of a content Alanis Morissette, and Rose is at her best on moments like these — upbeat, feel-good tracks that will annoy the hell out of you when radio inevitably picks up and proceeds to play them to pieces. And while you’d want her to get a more mature sound in the future — not least, production-wise — there can be no doubt that she is in any case a talented performer and a promising songwriter, one that should be allowed to grow and learn as she goes along.

Rose Falcon:

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