Resident Genius

5 Rue Christine

Well, I’m not really sure what to call this. Semiautomatic play soul music disguised as indie rock, with fuzzy guitars, corny Casio keyboard drums, weird sound effects, and other various 1980s sound blips. This band used to be called Ropstyle, but they got a new member and changed their name.

I guess it would be mean to say that this music is nothing more than hipster schtick, but I’m afraid that’s all it really is. It sounds as if the members of the band might have some type of actual talent, but I think they get caught up in their own hipness (they’re on 5 Rue Christine!). I can’t really see the members of the band really thinking that their bizarre blips and poorly structured songs are actually good, or fun to listen to, that is unless enough people in the hip community think it’s fun.

Resident Genius is little more than a strange trip through 1980s synthesizer instruments history, with a bit of soul based “rock.” There doesn’t seem to be any reason to listen to this, unless you have a lot of money and you’ve already heard everything else. Fans of Erasure, Joy Electric, and that sort might enjoy this; sadly, I think it’s awful.

5 Rue Christine:

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