Silent Kids

Silent Kids

Tomorrow Waits

Cur on a Glider

If you enjoy fuzzy walls of guitar, old Moogs and titles such as “Lost in the Petrified Forest,” then there are two things evident about you. One, you have haven’t listened to much music in the last 30 years, and secondly, Atlanta’s Silent Kids are there for you. Tomorrow Waits sounds a bit like Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, a bit of Roxy Music, with some good guitar thunk to liven things up. This is trippy, spacious music that isn’t afraid to be intelligent, nor too brainy to rock. The band seems built around the songs and sounds of Michael Oakley, and he has an ear for capturing the feel of an era gone past — part glam, part Krautrock. Hard to believe this record came from the south, particularly the ending bit of the title cut, which sounds like vintage Hawkwind and Can soundscapes. Music not (thankfully) of this planet.

Silent Kids:

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