Sinners And Saints

Sinners And Saints

The Sky is Falling

Bridge 9

Sinners And Saints have crafted a debut album of glorious, construction work punk rock, chock full of attitude and tension, hooks and energy. Kicking off with “Dead So Soon,” a track that crosses Motorhead with Guns N’ Roses, this album doesn’t stop for breath until the last note of “It’s All Coming Down,” an unashamed slab of Blondie-styled pop punk, rings out.

Elsewhere there is the unlikely New York Dolls-meet-Springsteen track “Nothing At All” and the fabulously churning Gun-like rocker “The Times We Had.” And that is only the beginning of it. Uncompromising and in your face, Sinners And Saints are not afraid to wear their emotions on their sleeves, and have produced a sincere and superbly crafted record.

Easily one of the best straight-ahead rock albums I’ve heard in a good while, it is hard to grasp that this was recorded by a somewhat amputated band, with only two brothers and a hired drummer. Can’t wait to hear what they’ll be up to once they put the full band together.

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