Multiple Offenses


Despite what Morcheeba thinks, trip-hop isn’t dead. And, no, it hasn’t just completely been morphed into downtempo. Though that Bristol sound can barely be heard any more, it is alive and kicking (then again, what the hell have Tricky and Portishead been up to lately?). Well, anyway, Slowdeck (Lascelles) is here to keep the maudlin, murky, morose pulse beating.

While Multiple Offenses doesn’t really add anything new to the language, it speaks quite well for the genre. This album is full of the driving breakbeats and apocalyptic textures and siren’s fragile vocals in the form of Vanessa Darby. As I said, this is pretty much everything you come to expect from a trip-hop disc plus the exquisitely haunting “Scared Me” and the “Come Together” bass of “Fuzz.” Slowdeck doesn’t offer many surprises like, say, a Broadway Project, but what he does is provide the perfect soundtrack for those melancholy times when you just don’t want to feel better about the world — or yourself.

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