Able Bodies


Drunk’s Rick Alverson is at it again, under the guise of Spokane. If not the presence of Alverson’s highly unique, super idiosyncratic vocals is enough to separate this from anything resembling a side-project, then mere productivity – four albums in the last two years – should do the trick. Quantity, though, doesn’t mean a slacking of quality control, and this is Spokane’s best one yet. Quietly eerie poignancy rests alongside introverted dynamics, while the lyrics are brief, but remarkably effective. Delivered in Alverson’s sad croon, they aim at capturing the many moods of long nights spent alone, longing for something, anything, to happen. And they often do succeed in a captivating manner. Here are the words to “On the Stair,” in full: “Standing at work in the usual way/Patient eyes are hard to fake/Spent the weekend calling friends/Far too late/Comfort in words is hard to bear/It sounds the same everywhere/Now I’m home and/It’s late and/I pause on the stair.” Never portentous, as too much of this music tends to be, this is simply a remarkable, understated album that’s best enjoyed while on your own.

Jagjaguwar Records: http://www.jagjaguwar.com

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