When Sun Falls On My Feet


On their third full-length release, Starlet move even further towards creating sweeping representations of melancholia and poignancy, with Jonas Form’s uneasy melodic lines encapsulated by the band’s subtle, self-effacing performances. The lyrics all center around some lost love and seem almost too personal for comfort, even though the stories aren’t always too impressively narrated, and Starlet do sometimes come across like a less bitter but equally upset The Smiths with a Swedish accent. With their comforting songs and sounds, however, Starlet will surely appeal more readily to fans of Coldplay, especially with the blander, less noteworthy moments that this album contains a few too many of. In that, they are not dissimilar to fellow Swedes The Perishers, but both of them have in common the promise of a better album to come, and if Starlet maintain their focus while perhaps opening up to more discordant elements, the next one could be it. In the meantime, tracks like “Not Alone” and the lovely title track are enough to sustain interest.


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