Still Breathing

Still Breathing


Solid State

Meet Dacey Buntin, surely one of the few women — or men, for that matter — who could hold her own against The Distillers’ Brody Armstrong in a growling-and-grunting match. And the other guys in the band aren’t exactly treading lightly either. Having been around for only one year, Tulsa’s Still Breathing are as tight as one could possibly hope for, and their metalcore as fiery and aggressive as anything you’ve heard lately. Like Burnt By the Sun, but more riff-based, more melodically oriented, even though you’d have to peel away layers upon layers of noise and growls to discover those tunes. Buntin chooses to sing, in a more conventional way as it is, on “One Kiss,” and this is the closest they’ll ever get to a hit song — imagine an industrial, pissed-off, metal Nina Hagen imitating Gwen Stefani, and you’re halfway there, so it’s not too radio friendly on that one, either. But elsewhere, they’re all crushing, riffing, growling noise. Brilliant, actually.

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