Talking in the Dark

Hidden Agenda

A charming, eclectic seven-track EP from Belgian acoustic pop group Sukilove, that sees them leaning heavily in the directions of both rustic folk and over-produced ’70s-ish pop grandeur. Sort of like Clem Snide, with a homelier approach. Main man Pascal Deweze has an easy, laid-back way about him that shines through on record, and there’s a cozy, lush feel to the EP, turning it into a likeable and sympathetic release. However, on the downside, it all feels a bit too casual and unimportant, and the strummed, easily approachable arrangements start to wear thin a bit prematurely, perhaps. That said, there are some fine moments here, like the tongue-in-cheek “We’ll Sleep Together Again,” the non-growling ’70s Tom Waits pastiche “Box-Shaped Melody,” and the pretty, Randy Newman-ish “Too Dark to Dream.” Not a fully realized album, but an interesting one nonetheless, and Sukilove has the potential to come up with something truly convincing in the near future.


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