The Hip-Hop Collection Vol. 1

High Times

One of the music industry’s biggest, best-kept secrets (along with R. Kelly’s little-girl proclivities) is that rappers love marijuana. Who knew? I mean, a genre full of paragons of virtue who make folks like rapacious Pat Boone blush in shame would also have scoundrels with such lascivious habits? Before this CD came in the mail, I wouldn’t have believed it. I have to thank High Times Magazine for blowing the cover off this most infamous scandal.

Though it seems, to me, that this a new movement in the music, marijuana sure does seem to have a bunch of ambassadors (chock it up to grassroots mobilization, I guess). Though some (like B-Real, Afu-Ra, The Pharcyde, Black Moon, Lootpack, and Rza) are clearly better than others, I would have to say, with over 400 references to this cannabis in less than 80 minutes, they all border on zealotry. But their proselytizing has some very good beats pounding their arguments home and had me nodding my head in agreement. This disc definitely has me convinced.

High Times: http://www.hightimes.com

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