Producer 04

Good Looking

The critically-acclaimed Producer series is a golden opportunity for the Bukem Boys to have their day in the sun. And, after 10 years in the dankest, darkest dance dungeons, Tayla (Russell Taylor) deserves to shine. This fourth producer hands us a bit more than your average atmospherics. He declares that much with the first track, “Timefields,” a deep Detroit 4/4 funk filled with bass-bass-bass. “Bang The Drums” is an absolute dance frenzy that sounds like the walls tumbling down around your ears. There are, of course, ample examples (like “Soul Searching” and “Language”) of atmo’s usual quixotic mix of ethereal, swirling keys and rapid-fire percussion. However, while showing deft skills on these songs, Tayla shows a certain flare in his neo-Blaxploitation ’70s soul-sounding “Soft Focus” and “Star Gazing,” two particular jams that made me really take notice.

Good Looking Records: http://glo.uk.com

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