The Best of Lounge Music

The Best of Lounge Music

Les Tubes en Version Originale des Lieux Branchés


I have to believe that these folks know a hell of a lot more about what goes on in the Parisian lounges than I do. After all, I’ve never been in one. But, after hearing this two-disc set, I’m not exactly sure if I ever want to be. I just thought it would be a lot cooler — and a whole lot smokier.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some cool moments here (like the minimalist Latinish number, “Chinese Bubbles,” by Emmanuel Santarromana with its haute Parisian flare and the Grand Tourism and Terry Callier number). Hell, there are even some beautiful moments (like “The Man,” Bonga’s “Mona Ki Ngi Xica” and Suba’s “Felicidade”). But the time in this lounge is way too uneven. Though I’m not looking to codify the “lounge” scene, I’d much rather have Thievery Corporation than the tepid Nino or New Ageish Ramasutra. And, while I do get into the Arabic, African, and Latin vibes on the CDs, I think I almost tossed my cookies when Deepak Chopra and Demi Moore teamed-up for “Desire,” the epitome of sadomasochistic pretensions droning on and on about 9 1/2 Weeks-type love. That was when I lost all respect for my date, headed for Charles de Gaulle, and got on the first flight back to DC. There’s only so much a person can take.

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