The Casket Lottery

The Casket Lottery

Survival is For Cowards

Second Nature

R-O-C-K! The Casket Lottery are back with a huge chunk of angular post punk with mathematical drum beats and tortured vocals. Survival is For Cowards is what I consider “emo-punk.” It’s upset, grainy, gritty, mad, yet longingly sweet and tender. Cornball bands like Saves The Day and New Found Glory aren’t brave enough to play music this aggressive, yet they are considered “emo” standards. Taking things back to the basics of “emo-dom,” i.e. Rites Of Spring, Survival is For Cowards packs a similar punch to the long lost days of emo beginnings, in terms of “emotional” content.

The album’s first song, “Code Red” is a huge stomper that showcases the incredible production quality of Survival…. The drums sound like they were Albini/ Weston produced, the guitars prance through wonderful sounding, Robert Smith-ian clean parts, and grind violently upon command. The basses are very overdriven, making them sound lightly distorted, and the lead singer reminds me very much of the lead singer of Hoover.

The rest of the album’s songs remind me of The Crownhate Ruin crossed with Grey A.M. Tight, concise, and wise; this is the thinking man/ woman’s punk rock band. I must say that for sheer quality of songs and the 110% rockingness of this record that it will go down as one of this year’s top 10 releases. Highly worth the money. 9.5 out of 10.

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