The Clarks

The Clarks

Another Happy Ending

Razor & Tie

Having released five albums independently, The Clarks have earned themselves quite an impressive fan base and a defined, solid rock style. This new album, their first for Razor & Tie, see them carrying on their established sound, crafted classic rock that brings to mind artists like Tom Petty, Bob Seger, and John Mellencamp, while also reaching out toward the lighter side of “contemporary” rock. More than a little seems to rest on the strength of the choruses, and The Clarks know how to work their way around one and glue it to the inside of your head. I’ve been humming the one from “Superstar” — typically, it’s by far the most annoying one on the entire album — for days now. There’s not much in their music that helps to set them apart from other players in their field, though. However, they do know how to write manipulative, catchy AOR rock songs, and they deliver their tunes with a likeable energy and style. So, if not a life-altering experience, this is a charming collection of songs that may still work better in a live setting.

The Clarks:

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