The High Violets

The High Violets

44 Down


Light the incense, turn down the lights, and let’s get freed, man! The High Violets (the adjective in their name NOT referring to the member’s physical heights) play truly spaced out hippie shoegazer rock, a la Slowdive, The Verve, Curve, and My Bloody Valentine. The High Violets are a bit softer than MBV, but the mood is very similar.

44 Down is one long, freaky snoozer of swirly guitars, lightly hit drums, and the angelic voice of lead singer Kaitlyn Ni Donovan (she sounds like the lead singer of Lush). Occassionally a guy sings, but his songs are much less memorable than Kaitlyn’s. The album’s title track is the masterpiece, with crazy feedback supplying a safety net underneath the digitally delayed guitars that frolic to and fro.

While not exactly the most exciting record, I must recommend 44 Down just because of the lead female singer’s voice; it’s just wonderful. I think I’m going to set this record aside until next winter. This is a perfect record for a grey and dreary winter’s day, and come January, I’ll be rockin’ this one like there’s no tomorrow. Boo-yah!

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