The Plus Ones

The Plus Ones

It’s A Calling

Asian Man

The Plus Ones play guitar driven pop, a la Weezer, with hints of Barenaked Ladies throughout all of It’s A Calling. This is pop music for the everyman who enjoys singing his or her respective heart out along with sticky sweet melodies of fun and love.

The album’s second song, “All The Boys,” has a little sing-song verse that sounds very much like a child’s nighttime lullabye, backed by big drums and distorted guitars. The lead singer’s voice reminds me of Jakob Dylan, minus the pretentiousness. “Serve In Heaven/Rule In Hell” sounds like a lost Pixies B-side, complete with lyrics delivered in a very Black Francis cadence and crazy, chaotic, and propulsive Pixies style guitars. “I Stand Corrected” reminded me of The Beatles, for the chord progression and delivery are textbook late-’60s rock & roll.

It’s A Calling is the kind of record that makes me wish I were still a teenager, driving aimlessly and carelessly with this CD playing loudly. I would drive around, singing and enjoying the freedom of youth without a care in the world. This is the perfect album for summertime driving, I’m telling you! Everyone, from goths to metalheads, from emo-nerds to ’77 gutter punks need to give this a try. The power of The Plus Ones pop is undeniable, and all will enjoy… I promise!

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