Unsilent Reign

Unsilent Reign

Strangers Amongst Ourselves

Too Damn Hype

Hark! I hear, in the distance, the locomotive of hardcore coming this way…”Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo!” At the helm of this train is the apparently angry members of Unsilent Reign. They yell, scream, kick, rant, and rave about various subjects, like taking action, NOW, against what troubles you.

Strangers Amongst Ourselves sounds pretty much like a copy of Blood, Sweat, and No Tears by Sick of it All. It’s eerie! There’s a lot worse bands that Unsilent Reign could be copying, of course, so I don’t mind, because Sick of it All rules. The main difference and what makes the bands unique to each other is the back up singer in Silent Reign: he does that stupid monotone “ayyyy, mumble, mumble, mumble, ayyyyy” thing that many hardcore bands do, while the main singer screams his heart out. I absolutely hate it when bands do that!

As stated before, the guitars here are chugga chugga stomper riffs, made strictly for dropping boot stomps and windmilling in the pit. These guys play music to get aggressive to, and they do a pretty decent job. They aren’t the most original band, but for what they do, they rock very hard and kick a good deal of butt on this record. Check out the song “Turn Away”; it’s got a killer guitar riff that knocked me on my can!


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