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Mouthing Off

by John D. Luerssen

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Back when I used to manage a bookstore, one of the most fun and challenging parts of my job was finding new books to turn into hot sellers by making them impulse items • something catchy, fun, and light to display at the cash register that will catch people•s eye and inspire them to throw one more book on their stack of purchases. I was pretty darn good at it, too. And John D. Luerssen•s Mouthing Off is exactly the kind of book that would have got a prominent display at the register in my store.

Subtitled •A Book of Rock & Roll Quotes,• Mouthing Off is less of a Bartlett•s Familiar Rock Quotations and more of a Rock Stars Say the Darndest Things. Compiled from years of interviews from a variety of sources (where•s Ink 19?), Luerssen takes comments from the deep to the banal and groups them into cleverly-titled chapters (for a few examples: the sex chapter is titled •Orgasm Addicts,• the influences chapter is •Kill Yr Idols,• and the chapter on what artists think people think of them is •The Impression That I Get•).

This is a breezy little book that•s ideal for coffee-table conversation starting and bathroom reading. The quotes assembled are funny, wisened, sad, deep, and even stupid – but always interesting – and the book is nicely dressed up with photos of the quoted (some of whom probably merit their own quote books; hell, I•d be first in line for The Quotable Mojo Nixon). Mouthing Off is a great addition to the library of any music fan, and should be a surefire hit. Mr. Luerssen, when you do Volume Two, you should drop us a line at Ink 19 • we can give you some great material•

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