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Atjazz (a.k.a. Martin Iveson) is another among the group of rising stars quickly amalgamating into the burgeoning nu-jazz genre. His Labfunk thrilled critics, DJs, and clubbers everywhere earlier this year, and with success comes the remix. Some of electronic music’s best have assembled for this celebrity roast. The end result is an illumination in music with not one single dull moment to ruin the glare.

Dzihan and Kamien’s take on “Touch The Sun” lays down a dreamy haze all over the disc, while King Britt’s own version caresses the sublime. Brooks gives an oddly refreshing ’80s twist to “Day 2001.” Both Phil Parnell’s jazzy abstraction and Chateau Flight’s gratingly infectious takes on “It’s Complete” will leave you spellbound. Dixon gives “Harmony” a fat groove a little reminiscent of Yarbrough and Peoples, and Little Big Bee delivers a bongo-ed deep house wallop to the same cut. Iveson, not to be left out, does marvelous double takes on his “Wrong Type of Day” and “Witchbender.”

With the combined efforts of such production luminaries, it will be no surprise if Lab Results winds up on a lot of “best of” lists at the end of the year.

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