Big Block 454

Big Block 454

That’s a Nice Hat

Arghh! What the hell is this? This doesn’t sound like Blink-182! What sort of song title is “I Name This Child Acker Bilk”? All four songs sound different. The guitar is too loud; the vocals remind me of that crap called The Residents. “I Was Just About to Yodel” — what is that all about? Why would anyone who seemingly grew up listening to krautrock, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, and punk rock try and make a record? This stuff is too challenging. The drumming is tribal, the songs shift and shimmer like those wavy lines you get in your peripheral vision when you eat the wrong sort of mushrooms. No wonder this stuff is hard to find — no major label is gonna put this stuff out. Hell, you almost have to have read a book to like it. Doomed to commercial failure, these four tracks of joyful self-expression are. Go back to making lace dollies out of double helix strands, why don’t ya?

Note to those readers who traded in their sense of satire for an SUV: Big Block 454 is the perfect future of music for those of us who keep the hi-fi down the hall in the room called “Planet X.” This music leaves holes in your head nothing else can fill.

Big Block 454:

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