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One Funky World (Syl Cat). Review by Bill Campbell.


One Funky World

Syl Cat

With this album, Caté has thrown himself in with the ranks of young artists who are trying to put the soul back into R&B. It is an admirable cause that I am personally cheering. With artists like this one, they might just win, yet.

Unlike most of his neo-soul cohorts, though, Caté isn’t really heavily influenced by hip-hop. His sound is utterly and completely smooth like the buttery ice cream soul of Will Downing. It’s a late-night breeze undulating out of your stereo with the man’s falsetto pirouetting along the soundwaves. Caté is more Remy Shandy than D’Angelo. He’s got a nice voice that’s almost stoical in range — remaining smooth whether singing about lost love or the slaying of Amadou Diallo. And variety is a spice lacking in this man’s funky world. However, the album is good — much better than a lot of stuff out there right now — despite its monotony — and it shows a potential that is very promising. Caté is a name worth watching.

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