Lucid Dreaming

Emperor Jones

An album’s worth of pretty dubious analog synth-driven music positioned somewhere between late-’70s ambient noodling and modern-day casual noise experiments. Multi-instrumentalist Tim Green writes, performs and produces with just a wee bit of outside help, and if there seems to be a lack of focus and direction on here, the eight years spent writing and recording it must surely take some of the blame for that.

Recreating and updating the already overused sounds of the past was never going to be easy, and Concentrick do a great job of avoiding sounding merely banal in this setting. The more experimental and encompassing tracks — such as the fine, skipping “Falling Stars” — show a willingness to explore the boundaries of this format, but too often, the music remains incidental background sounds, too unassuming and polite for its own good.

Emperor Jones, P.O Box 49771, Austin Texas 78765

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