Crime In Choir

Crime In Choir

Crime In Choir


A mini-CD of driven, energetic post-rock from sunny California, six tracks of analog keys on top of repetitive but complex and layered, jazz-infused backing tracks. Like Slint approaching the urban R&B of Booker T., Crime In Choir play math-rock for TV cop shows, charged and forward-moving soundtracks to some labyrinthine chase scene. Urban angst and paranoia combine with a wide-open sound to create something that actually manages to stand out in the overcrowded post-rock climate of today. Songs like the opening “A Girl Named Jesus” and “Fleece On Fire” are instrumental adrenaline rushes that still leave room for subtlety and introspection, while there’s an eerie, creeping feel to “Worldwide CB” and “Come Here, Raider” that underlines the band’s broad register and wide scope.

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