Cristina Williams Band

Cristina Williams Band

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Half Alanis Morissette and half Vonda Sheppard, Cristina Williams is sure to divide people in at least two camps, but her solid, folksy base will make sure most people fall on the right side of the fence. Reminiscent of Sheryl Crow when she’s at her best, Williams has an uncomplicated but hugely likeable air about her, and her energetic and impassioned performances come across on record.

If the songwriting is a bit on the safe side from time to time, there are several fine moments on here as well. The highly enjoyable “Make You Happy” is the first of those, and the fantastic strolling title track, the comforting “I’ll Let You Go,” and the lovely “Trying To Fly” are other standout moments.

Williams has a beautiful and moving voice, but from time to time her lyrics are a bit too heavy on the complicated but ultimately meaningless metaphors. “There’s no use in denying the color of what you feel tonight,” she claims at one point. And on the otherwise fine “Ties That Bind,” she actually speaks of “those crazy roaming eyes that never let me go for a momentary lapse of judgement in an aching sea of truth.” Uh, ok…?

Nevertheless, a fine album from an artist who deserves a larger audience and who will surely work her way towards it as well, if this is anything to go by. A crafted and energetic album of singer-songwriter pop, with some truly stunning moments thrown in for good measure.

Cristina Williams:

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