DJ Tiesto

DJ Tiesto

In Search of Sunrise

Black Hole

The Dutch master, DJ Tiesto (nee Tijs Verwest), has come a long way from rocking drive-in disco shows in the Netherlands. Not only does he have his own label, but he’s been touring Europe extensively for years and is on the bus with Moby this summer on a 12-city U.S. tour.

This disc is for the progressive tech heads out there — of which I am not one. For me, techno, in any form, has always been about as appealing as Jerry Stiller shaking his naked booty to “The Thong Song” in my face. Having said that, there are some interesting songs here (like Argonaut’s “Your Body is a Temple,” Tiesto’s remix of Oakenfold’s “Southern Sun,” DJ Hooligan’s “Hear You Now,” and Andain’s “Summer Calling”) that don’t make me see the light and clear away my prejudice but have made my prejudice lighter. Tiesto is, of course, a very talented DJ who mixes his songs well and makes you take notice of some of his transitions. So, while I didn’t fully get into this disc, I am impressed with Tiesto himself and his choice of intriguing songs in a fairly bland (to me) genre.

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