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Something / Everything!


Something / Everything! is literally that, a wandering record of variety, in terms of both styles and moods. At one minute the music is folky and subdued, the next it’s rockin’ away in strange and clautrophobic manner (a la Sonic Youth), and then they play gloriously moody slowcore on “The Most Delicious Part,” conjuring memories of Codeine and Low. While the album lacks focus and seems to be a collection of lost B-sides and one-offs, Something / Everything! is actually a wonderfully magical collection of songs.

Wolf Colonel (Jason Anderson)’s voice is incredibly warm and fluid, and terribly inviting; I liken it to the warmth of Karate frontman Geoff Farina’s voice: completely unique and instantly likeable. His voice is best showcased on the enchanting “That’s My Life,” another slow wanderer with digitally delayed guitar lines (similar to Codeine’s guitar sound). He doesn’t sing a whole lot in this song, but when he does sing, it blows me away!

The instrumentation on the records varies heavily; there are electric distorted guitars, clean acoustic guitars, pianos, weird electronic noises, loud drumsets, drum machines, and the list goes on. The predominant instrument is the acoustic guitar, which is played rather beautifully, in a cowboy on the plains kind of way. I’m thinking that most people will enjoy at least part of this record; often times the songs are structured in a very Beatlesque manner, and everyone loves The Beatles, right? Whatever, but Something / Everything is a fantastic collection of songs that should be heard.

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