Fluid Ounce

Fluid Ounce



Not being a big capitalist myself, I’m not sure if this is true, but, in business, one must expand or die. And, if you’re going to stretch the elastic, you can’t really do it more soulfully than Ubiquity. Atop their exemplary dance label, they’ve built the über-funky Luv ‘N Haight and the electrifying CuBop. Of course, there is no rest for the weary (and all those other pro-business platitudes), so now Ubiquity has signed a distro deal with the fledgling UK label, Fluid Ounce. Growth has never sounded so good.

Unmeasured is a collection of Fluid Ounce 12-inches that have barely seen the light of day here in the States. But globalization does have its good points, and this is one. This disc is Zero dB-dominated, and this duo of Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock is absolutely brilliant. Even their solo projects (The Vogado Projects and Frank de Jojo) are not diluted by the separation. They also have Hungarian beat annihilator Carmel (a.k.a. Marcel) and Canadians John Kong and Moonstarr.

Every song is brilliant dance fair that really moves you with its boundary-jumping, genre-defying style and grace. A high-octane punch that shuffles the feet, shakes the ass, and boggles the mind. Fluid Ounce is a rising star joining the already stellar Ubiquity constellation. Listen to the shine.

Ubiquity Records: http://www.ubiquityrecords.com

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