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Grand Theft Autumn

Wow! This is really good! Tiara play somewhat spaced out indie rock, similar to Karate’s first full-length. The vocals are kind of distant, the drums shuffle to and fro, and the guitars are simply wonderful; incredibly warm and inviting, in a Pink Floyd kind of way, the guitar work is by far the band’s stand out strength. Titletron is a very high quality recording which would best be enjoyed in the summertime, so try to get a hold of this one quickly!

At times, images of the late Polvo crossed my mind while listening to this, mainly their work on “Exploded Drawing.” The digitally delayed and wandersome guitars reminded me also of Mazzy Star and Bedhead. The overall feel of the record is laid back, subdued, and trippy; I can see hippies and stoners going absolutely nuts over Titletron.

I’m not sure why I’ve never heard more about this band; I went to their Web site, and they’ve been putting out stuff since 1996! Go figure. The only people who I can’t envision liking this would be only the highest level of indie rock snob, who would say that this type of music is old hat. Who cares!? Give Tiara a try; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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