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Steamhammer / SPV

Close to twenty years after the inception of what was to become Rage, “Peavy” Wagner and his ever-shifting band have been honing and defining their own brand of heavy metal to the point that today, you know exactly what you’re getting when you approach a new Rage album. In-your-face but grand and outreaching music that bridges the gap between prog metal and stadium rock, entirely removed from whatever’s trendy this month and probably all the better for it. Technically brilliant, Rage never give in to mere virtuosity, and always make sure the song takes center stage – even though the songwriting isn’t their strongest side at all.

It’s difficult to not be impressed by this band, with its incessant force and attack, but on the other hand, it’s equally difficult to be particularly moved by the music itself. A likeable band and a decent album, but ultimately there are too many mediocre songs on here that it ever seems to matter much.


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