Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

This is the Remix


Anyone from the Mickey Mouse club that doesn’t have a record deal yet? Thought not.

Following two albums of chart-seeking, inoffensive pop and kids’ dance, Simpson could’ve taken her career in several directions. A third album would have been the obvious next step, but TV shows, a Christmas album, Christian pop and alcoholism are all viable options. Even a compilation of songs from her two former albums would’ve been possible — a bit premature, yes, but still a fair enough cash-in. But this one?

This is the Remix gathers previously released remixes of Simpson’s singles. Lucky us. So we get two versions of “I Wanna Love You Forever,” both of them very funny, sped-up versions, neither of them any good. We get two versions of “I Think I’m in Love With You,” one of which — the “Peter Rauhofer Club Mix,” incidentally — is a bit better than the other mixes on here, although that’s not saying a lot. We get two takes on “Irresistible” which is anything but. Lil Bow Wow raps on one of them, in case you wondered. And we get a remix of “A Little Bit.”

Seems that Jessica Simpson signed her record contract just a bit too late. There’s really no reason why she shouldn’t be as huge as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and N’Sync and every other Mickey Mouse Club-ber out there — int’s just that the market is swamped. The kids only have so much money and so much wall-space for their posters. That said, Simpson has a good voice and an unassuming air about her that could probably take her further if she plans her career right. But filler releases like this won’t help her.

This is the sound a record company makes the moment before they drop one of their acts.

Columbia Records:

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