They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top

Blast First / Mute

You better toss down a fistful of Dramamine before slapping this down on your stereo. The Liars careen and lurch malevolently, all over the place. Don’t lose it. Led by a nearly seven foot Australian, these guys exude and ooze post punk attitude and swagger. Imagine a funkier Birthday Party, updated for the new century or a Joy Division on steroids, swinging a machete and a garland of skulls. This is the sound of your brain crawling up the wall at 3 am.

The album opens with, “Grown Men Don’t Fall in the River, Just Like That,” a rave up that rocks like nothing since the days of The Gang of Four. Somewhere in the maelstrom he declares, that he has “the pulse of America.” I believe he might just.

“Mr Your on Fire, Mr,” expands and swoops all over the place. Anchored in place by the rhythm section Pat Nature and Ron Albertson, while guitarist Aaron Hemphill pulls some twangy notes over the top. In between the verses, cheesy synth drums make an appearance and a synthesizer boils over.

“Tumbling Walls Buried in the Debris With ESG” sounds like the malevolent chant of a demon sitting on your shoulder. “Put down the briefcase, leave your work at home,” Angus hisses in the ear of balding accountant just before he rakes a crowd with an automatic weapon. Listen: the bass rings like a mourning bell!

Part of the burgeoning New York rock scene, anchored in Brooklyn, The Liars carry on like The Strokes’ mean-spirited doppelganger. Twisting punk energy channeled into unusual shapes, The Liars on record are smoking and, if the press releases are to be believed, they are incendiary in concert.

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