Mammoth Volume

Mammoth Volume

The Early Years

The Music Cartel

This album compiles recordings that predates the 1999 debut album from Swedish metal stoners Mammoth Volume, and is convincing evidence that most pieces of their hard rock puzzle were in place well before they secured a record deal. This is churning and riff-heavy rock in the style of late Ozzy-era Black Sabbath that draws parallels to both Kyuss and, of all bands, Blue Öyster Cult. Doom rock with choruses, then, that still looses none of its punch and aggressive impact. At over 70 minutes, this is a bit overlong, with a few too many of the songs being little more than what seems like unfinished sketches. However, there are several great moments on here that makes this a worthwhile investment for fans of hard rocking gloom and doom.

The Music Cartel:

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