From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes


The hardest thing about being young and successful is that everybody expects you to follow-up each success with something bigger. Of course, it would be really difficult to climb the Kilimanjaro of Illmatic‘s success. Though I’m not sure how much lift the “cleverly” titled Stillmatic has, this remix EP will give it a little push. Nas has the flows; there’s no denying that. He could spit into a river, and it would still sound good. So, these six songs are nice treats. His “Symphony”ed “Affirmative Action” is a nice throwback for all you Marley Marl fans. He and AZ were just made for each other, which makes “Life’s A Bitch” a gem. And even my hatred for R. Kelly couldn’t stop me from liking “Sweet Dreams.” This remix disc does exactly what it’s designed to do: make me want to check out Stillmatic.

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