Outrageous Cherry

Outrageous Cherry

The Book of Spectral Projections

Rainbow Quartz

Ten years down the line, and Outrageous Cherry still revels in heavy psychedelic acid-rock, drones and Indian-tinged rock, peculiar only inasmuch as it is recorded this side of the early 1970s. Admittedly not the strongest set of their career, Outrageous Cherry has more to offer than what this hints at, where huge portions of the material fall on the wrong side of the mediocre.

Possibly entirely serious, it’s always a laugh when songs are called “Electric Child of Witchcraft Rising,” but their reliance on hallucinogenic cliches is a problem as well, in that Outrageous Cherry sound too incidental and casual for comfort. The fact that a couple of the band members also play in, or otherwise work with, His Name is Alive makes this all the more peculiar, considering how good that band is, but there you go.

Not that there isn’t anything good to be found on here, but what little there is comes in bursts of intensity and disappear shortly after in a blur of some drone or other. 20 songs and 77 minutes long, this album still seems to suffer from a general lack of ideas and spontaneity, and you’re better advised to look up 1999’s fine and recently re-released Out There in the Dark.

Rainbow Quartz: http://www.rainbowquartz.com

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