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“Conceived by” legendary British label-guy Mike Always, Death By Chocolate is more than a mere product of some corporate brainstorm. Centered around the cute and charming voicing of young Angela Faye Tillett, Death By Chocolate go where no band has ever gone before, most likely because no one particularly wanted to go there. However, here we are, and what a strange, twee little world this is.

With a collection of fake radio jingles and commercials, soundtracks and pop songs, Death By Chocolate capture the sound of London’s Swinging Sixties as experienced from the consumer’s point of view. The everyday life becomes a magical world, as if seen through the eyes of a child who first encounters the big city. Venturing beyond the realm of the irrelevant, Death By Chocolate recaptures and relives something that was never really captured in the first place, reinventing memories of mod hipness gone by and bringing them up to a present-day, oh-so-postmodern world.

More interesting, however, is the fact that it exists at all, rather than as a listening object in itself, and Death By Chocolate may have overstayed their welcome with this second album, which adds nothing new to the formula of the first one. Certainly an inventive and experimental foursome, one is still left hoping that they will broaden their scope on future releases.

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