Rahul Kumar Sharma

Rahul Kumar Sharma

Music of the Himalayas

Real World

There’s a lot to be said for the unearthed and sometimes ignored talents of musicians from the Eastern Hemisphere. Although much has been made of the fusion of traditional Indian music with modern electronic beats (a la Talvin Singh, Karsh Kale, and Nitin Sawnhey). But at times, it’s the traditional aspect which tends to get overshadowed. Thankfully, Real World provides us Rahul Kumar Sharma’s transcendental offerings to show that current artists still revere the foundations of this rich musical heritage.

Undoubtedly spiritual in nature and epic in scope, Music for the Himalayas is a soaring, 72-minute, four-song live meditation on the sounds from the highest mountains in the world. Though recent turmoil in the Kashmir region has tarnished its once lush aesthetic appeal, its music fortunately continues to thrive. Time signatures constantly change, tablas speak as if they were the human voice, and Kumar’s nonstop santoor strumming lends an indelible, yet soothing coat over it all. Best when played at mid-volume, in a comfortable environment, when you need to collect your thoughts or just dissolve them, Rahul Kumar Sharma’s rhythms are a credible and beautiful alternative to the rubbish they call new age music.

Real World Records: http://www.realworldrecords.com/rahul

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