Power of the Dragonflame

Limb Music / SPV

Another album of over-the-top speed metal from Italy’s Rhapsody, so intensely all-over-the-place it’s bordering on the plain hilarious. Poised somewhere between speed and opera, nursery rhymes and trash, symphony and novelty, Rhapsody aren=EDt quite like any other bands, but if you imagine a cross between Helloween and Manowar, at least you have a clue of where we’re heading.

As the title indicates, this is another installment in their decade-long line of narratives about Dragons and Hunters, Demons and Trolls, sung in English and Italian and any other language they can think of as they go along. Captivating and unique, Rhapsody are also knee-slappingly funny, although an hour of this may be more than most of us can take.

Limb Music: http://www.limb-music.de

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