7:00 and Seven Stops

Gold Standard Laboratories

WOW! This is very cool! I don’t remember liking Semiautomatic all that much before (you can read my review of their latest recording here), but man, Concentrick really did a great job with their music! The beats are huge, snappy, and warm, in a way that would make even the biggest techno opponent shake his/ her respective booty in a fevered fury. Concentrick gives new life to songs that were originally stale and boring.

Concentrick is the secret agent name of Tim Green, member of The Fucking Champs, and member of the late and great Nation Of Ulysses. He also runs Louder Recordings, which has done some stuff with The Melvins (yippee!). I always loved Nation Of Ulysses in my younger years, so I guess it makes sense that I enjoyed this seven-inch of material that I had previously found sickening. Fantastic.

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