Simon And Milo

Simon And Milo

Ready Ready Set Go


Prozzäk have undertaken an US-only name-change to right things after their criminally neglected debut album Hot Space, a well-deserved hit in their native Canada. This is the duo’s second international release and their third overall, and sees them further exploring the life and loves of imagined cartoon-characters Simon, the sad, cute one, and Milo, the popular, handsome one.

Initially intended as a fun side-project for members of The Philosopher Kings, Simon And Milo have taken on a life and popularity that none could have foreseen but which is entirely understandable. Cute and naive lyrics combine with easy-on-the-air music that appeals to children and grown-ups alike. Like The Monkees, this is novelty music that’s too good to write off as jokey or “unimportant.” Simon And Milo write exciting, playful songs and perform them in inviting and energetic style. And if the fictive characters only add to the charm, the music is good enough to stand on it=EDs own several feet, all genre-hopping pop-o-rama and cute n’ clever lyrics.

If not a life-altering experience, this is family music that doesn’t suck, a rare prospect indeed. Try this for smiles and cheers all around.

Simon And Milo:

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