Slick Shoes

Slick Shoes

Slick Shoes

Tooth & Nail

What a pain in the arse! This cd has a bunch of multimedia for your computer, and every time I try to listen to this CD, the stupid multimedia loads and it takes to long to shut it down! Ahhhh! I hate crap like that! Why can’t they just put out a separate CD-ROM or DVD with all of the multimedia on it? OK, I sound like a stupid old man; sorry about that!

Getting to this album… Entitled simply Slick Shoes (I’m sure the fans of this band will invariably call it “the black one,” due to its plain black cover), this album reminds me why I used to love NOFX so much. Slick Shoes’ drummer plays that NOFX drumbeat with the doublebass drum (you HAVE to know what I’m talking about) throughout much of the record, but there’s just something about the way these guys deliver their songs that makes them irresistible! The lead singer sounds like the bass player/ singer from Blink 182, and their guitars sound a lot like El Hefe’s from NOFX; when you combine such powerful styles, good things happen.

“Friday Night” is a mid tempo rock sing along that could easily make heavy rotation on any radio station. “Ten Ways” is a fast rocker, in a Propaghandi style, with a addictive guitar line and first rate delivery. “I Knew” showcases the bands skills in math rock, featuring a blistering verse, with a half tempo chorus stomper that forced me to throw fist of fury in to the air triumphantly.

Many people will compare Slick Shoes to Face To Face, and that is a worthy comparison; the thing is, this Slick Shoes album is about a million times better than anything Face To Face has ever done, really. This is pure punk rock aggression and is well worth your money.

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