Superchinchillarescuemission / The Tim Version

Superchinchillarescuemission / The Tim Version

… Go Halves on a Bastard


Two hyperactive hardcore bands on one split EP, and a great combination of forces, with both bands being really great, very defining hardcore bands on the current scene. Superchincillarescuemission kicks off with their set, and the opening punk rush of “Storied Faces, Bad Tattoos” should be enough to convince anyone with only a passing interest in hardcore. Superchinchilla delivers the goods in impressive fashion, every song a fury of mad rhythms beneath narratives detailing a weary attempt to cope with the everyday misery.

The Tim Version’s songs are even better. They have the admirable habit of throwing out a great title, and if there’s no “The Only Band That Puts Iced Tea in Whiskey Bottles” on here, at least we get “Pictures Of Lily White Asses,” which comes pretty damn close. A furious snarl and a rock n’ roll approach to their hardcore, The Tim Version is a kicking and churning band that gets the job done, no questions asked. Great lyrics combine with a basic, head-on attack, and it’s no wonder they have such a great following. “California is the shitty state I’m in / Whatever warmth the beer gives out gets blown away again,” Russ grunts on “I Left My Nuts in San Francisco,” and that may be the best opening line in quite a good while. Another great release under their belts, then, and worth checking out for any fan of to the point hardcore.

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