Tagaki Masakatsu

Tagaki Masakatsu

Opus Pia


Admittedly, while my tastes in literature and sometimes cinema can be a bit esoteric, the same does not hold true when it comes to what I like in music. There is something that I like to feel when I listen to something, and, while that “feeling” is hard to define, your most iconoclastic musicians generally do not touch upon it. And a lot of times I just don’t get what they’re doing. That holds true of the blips, bleeps, and “natural sounds” that dot the landscape of Takagi Masakatsu’s music. It’s a lot of computerized effects that left me leagues behind in my own stupor. I don’t necessarily mind feeling stupid, so I’m not going to attack Masakatsu and say that this isn’t music. It most certainly is music — that I’m really not into. But I do encourage anyone who is to try it out. Opus Pia can definitely be a mind-expanding experience for those who would let it be.

Carpark Records: http://www.carparkrecords.com

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