The Booty Olympics

The Booty Olympics



Step 1: An all-girl indie band with a name like The Booty Olympics? Oh, yeah, I wanna review that.

Step 2 (mandatory band history): This group is an offshoot of NYC chickpunk semi-legends the Friggs, in which guitarist/songwriter/singer Mitzi Dodge and drummer Palmyra Delran made whatever mark it was they made; they are joined in the BOs by someone billed as The Lovely and Talented Betsy Todd on bass and singing.

Step 3 (back to it): Wait…this isn’t what I thought it was going to be! This doesn’t sound anything like Le Tigre or the Butchies or Sleater-Kinney!

Step 4: But it still sounds pretty great. This is power-pop ’90s-style, with injections of Lush-style shoegazing (“Auderey”), Veruca Salt-ish vocalization (“Boystyle”), and early Blake Babies portent (“The Broozer”). It’s fun and it rocks and it’s got estrogen to spare. Nothing wrong with this one except its running time — with more than 35 minutes on it, this coulda been a contender for my top 20 list. But it’s worth getting, even just for the song “Spell Breaks,” which is gonna make its way onto more than one of my mix tapes.

The Booty Olympics:

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