The Color Red

The Color Red



Worn-out riffs, mediocre melodies, tired verse/chorus-dynamics, and songs called “Cleansing” and “Your New Self” — all immaculately performed in the dullest possible manner. Yes, the massive, madly unsubtle stadium histrionics of “modern” American radio rock is back, and there’s only the name to separate them from Creed and the rest of the cursed lot.

“The Wrong Replacement” is a big, hairy ballad that moves form the merely boring to somewhere beyond, and along with the very funny “Everything New,” these are only two particularly silly tracks. But there are more than enough to choose from, have no fear. To be on the safe side, every time The Color Red hit on something only marginally interesting, they make sure they instantly turn the song around and move it in the opposite direction. So that on the aforementioned “Your New Self,” say, we get a promising Tears For Fears-ish intro before, thirty seconds into the song, we’re already back in dull arms-outstretched, wind-in-hair mode.

Oh well. It’s your money.

The Color Red:

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