The Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers


First album from The Flying Tigers, a could-be-big post-grunge band, whose claim to fame is that the bassist used to be in Powerman 5000. Oh, and there’s Brendan O’Brien, who has produced the album as well as co-written quite a few of the tracks.

O’Brien’s influence is certainly heavily enough felt, and The Flying Tigers come out sounding as much as Stone Temple Pilots as anyone could ever hope for, albeit a sub-version one. At times reminiscent of a lesser Alice In Chains and, on “Drive,” a less charismatic Supergrass, there’s nothing really bad about The Flying Tigers — apart from the misogynist “Hell For You,” that is. However, The Flying Tigers come across as nothing but poor copycats, and dull ones at that, and there are no real reason to pick this up when all you get is a second-rate version of bands you already know.

Atlantic Records:

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