The Sames

The Sames


Pox World Empire

A five-track EP of intriguing and angular indie rock from the debuting Sames. The minimalist cover art belies the complexities of the music, and while it may appear a bit unassuming at first, give it another few spins to discover some surprisingly vibrant and exciting music. Blending the angular pop of Pavement with My Bloody Valentine’s intricate soundscapes, The Sames have created something that’s all theirs.

From the psychedelic outsiders-anthem of “An Excuse We Give” through the shoegaze crunch of “Half The Words” and ending (bar an outro/bonus kind-of-thing) with the dwelling, churning “Plight of the Bumblebee,” The Sames have come up with something truly out of the ordinary on their first EP.

Pox World Empire:

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