Tribute of the Year

Tribute of the Year

A Tribute to Faith No More

Legion Productions

While tribute albums always tread a very thin line between sincere reworks and musical blasphemy, they always provide an interesting listen nonetheless. Seeing as Faith No More is one of my all-time favorites, it was a no-brainer that this two-disc homage would peak my interest.

Filled with mostly unknown metal, industrial, and goth acts, Tribute covers the entire lifespan of the band, including B-sides and material with original, but much weaker vocalist Chuck Moseley. But it is the Mike Patton era which obviously garners the most attention. For some reason, later material like the brilliant “Stripsearch” appears four times, in albeit different versions. While the cover of “Digging The Grave,” which was most likely recorded in a garage with a four-track, is more of an insult to the original, lesser known tunes such as “The World is Yours” and “Everything’s Ruined” are completely manipulated in an almost Mr. Bungle-like fashion. Ironic, yes, but also the most captivating tracks as well. Mysteriously (or was it?), “Epic,” the band’s radio and MTV staple, is purposely left out to dry.

Still, most vocalists on this set can’t compete with Patton’s schizo deliveries and range, and they seem fully aware of that. It is only the lack of creativity in most of the renditions that halt one from enjoying this completely. Also, two CDs is a bit too indulgent and overcrowded with obscure acts, but it is nice to see bands both good and bad still respect the now-defunct, underrated group. Tribute of the Year is better than most of its kind out today, but it still goes to show you can’t beat the real thing.

Tribute of the Year:

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